Airlie Beach Activities

Activities and Attractions in & around Coral Sea Resort

Coral Sea Resort is situated on the ocean's edge in the midst of the wonder of the Whitsundays. Not only does Coral Sea offer exceptional accommodation and everything you could need for a memorable escape to Airlie Beach, we also offer the perfect base from which to enjoy any number of the world-class Airlie Beach activities within your finger tips!

The Airlie Beach activities you can expect when you stay at Coral Sea Resort are suitable for all ages, all interests and all comers to the Whitsundays!

Airlie Beach activities at Coral Sea Resort include:

Airlie Beach Activities - Great Barrier Reef, Qld

Great Barrier Reef Activities

One of the world's greatest natural wonders, this stretch of over 2000km of incredible beauty is right at your finger tips when you stay with us at Coral Sea Resort, Airlie Beach. Our tours desk can arrange for you tours, diving, snorkeling adventures where you can enjoy the majestic barrier reef's delights for yourself. 

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Airlie Beach Activities - Snorkeling, Qld

Snorkelling Great Barrier Reef

Stretching more than 2000 km along the Queensland Coast, and listed as a World Heritage area, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s natural wonders. Gliding underwater through the coral and fish is an experience that should not be missed!

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Airlie Beach Activities - Whitsunday Island Cruises, Qld

Whitsunday Island Cruises

Coral Sea Resort, located on the tip of the Whitsundays group of islands in Queensland, is the home to a range of outstanding Whitsunday Island cruises for holiday makers and travelers from all over the globe.

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Airlie Beach Activities - Bareboat Whitsundays, Qld

Bareboat Whitsundays

If bareboating is not your idea of an ideal day on the water, at Coral Sea Resort we have many other water-based activity options for you to enjoy. Coral Sea Resort offers an incredible range of water based activities including the thrill of bareboating.

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Airlie Beach Activities - Whitsunday Sailing, Qld

Whitsunday Sailing

Cruising the Whitsundays is already an incredible experience but nothing beats sailing through crystal clear turquoise waters on an 85ft catamaran! The Camira Whitsunday Sailing experience is truly one not to miss.

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Airlie Beach Activities - Heart Reef, Qld

Heart Reef

One of the most enduring icons of the Whitsunday islands is heart reef. A stunning arrangement of coral, Heart Reef takes the shape of a heart, making it extremely popular with those on romantic getaways and has also been the site of many a marriage proposal.

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Airlie Beach Activities Scenic Flights Qld

Scenic Flights Airlie Beach

With 74 islands in the Whitsundays group, a scenic flight from Airlie Beach, home of Coral Sea Resort, is the best means of appreciating this truly unique part of the world. Our tour desk can arrange scenic flights for you and your group, just one of the many incredible Airlie Beach activities available at Coral Sea.

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Whitehaven Beach, Qld

Whitehaven Beach Tours

Whitehaven beach is world-renown for being an idyllic, postcard-perfect, white-sand oasis on the Pacific. One of the most popular activities for those visiting Airlie Beach is a tour of this scenic wonder. Inquire at our tour desk for how we can treat you to the beauty of Whitehaven beach.

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Whitsunday Cruises and Transfers

The Whitsunday islands are right on your doorstep here at Coral Sea Resort. With 74 islands in the group, the Whitsundays offers countless possibilities for your stay with us. For the adventurous, to the romantic, to those who just appreciate natural beauty, ask us about how we can add Whitsunday transfers to your activities at Airlie Beach.

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Whitsundays Water Sport & Fun

Located on the water's edge at Airlie Beach, activities of all types are available to you at Coral Sea Resort. Enjoy nature's water playground all for yourself when you book your stay with the leading resort in the Whitsundays, Coral Sea Resort.

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